Beatson Cancer Charity is a fantastic organisation working tirelessly to beat cancer, whilst supporting patients and loved ones through their journey with the disease.

In recent years they have received numerous enquiries from people wanting to channel their grief into something that would make a difference, after they had lost someone to cancer.

As a result, Tigerfish worked with the charity to develop a special website that would allow people to set up their own in-memory pages, and the Beatson Tribute Fund came into being.

Tigerfish developed this website to allow bereaved friends and family to create a tribute fund for their lost loved ones, where people can donate to help future patients, get involved in fundraising events, or share fond memories of the person they have lost. The individual pages enable one-off donations through the secure Stripe payment system, alongside recurring donations by Direct Debit, which help ensure the Beatson Cancer Charity can continue its vital work well into the future.

The funds mean that people who have lost someone they care about can access a place dedicated to celebrating their lives, displaying the impact that they had through the memories people publish.

The page also shows the impact those people will continue to have after they are gone with a fundraising total, alongside information on fundraising events that people can get involved with.

The development of sites like this, with varied features, and overall control by a single website administrator work to make it as easy as possible for people to take action. Not only does this mean raising money for a vital cause, but they also allow people to share their grief and find solace in the incredible work that will continue to be done in their loved one’s name.