Testimonials are reviews and comments from happy customers and are one of the best ways to build your credibility and to show potential customers that you are trustworthy, reliable and an expert in your field.

Your website visitors will tend not to believe you by just reading the text on your website.  This is a harsh truth but a fact that must be pointed out. No matter what promises YOU make, your customers will believe others far more than you.

If you don’t have any testimonials right now, get them! And get them quickly. Simply email your customers and ask for their feedback on your business and service. Most happy customers will gladly provide this.  You should also ask if there recommendation can be used on the website just to make sure you are not breaking any contract you may have with your client or previous client.

why are testimonials so effective?

  • Testimonials build trust. Customers reading testimonials from other happy customers or clients are far more likely to believe them then you just typing it on to your website.  This is because testimonials telling your visitors first and foremost that they had a positive experience with your products and company.
  • Testimonials aren’t “salesy.” Because testimonials aren’t written in your “voice,” they stand out in your copy as unbiased reviews of how well your product or service was or is

To start off with if you have no testimonials what so ever then you can not be picky about the ones you use.  Any positive review is better than none.

Once you start to build a collection then you can start picking the better ones and remove any older not so good testimonials.  It’s important to keep adding to your testimonials so fresh ones appear regularly.

We at Tigerfish recently started adding testimonials to our website,  We hope that our testimonials from all our happy clients will show any future clients that we know what we are doing and product high quality work.