SEO Trends

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation focuses on analysing data to improve rankings in search engines. Identifying what works to improve visibility is important for an effective strategy.

Voice search/assist

The method of communication that allows users to speak into their mobile phone or computers to search information through a voice input. Voice search can develop artificial intelligence and provide a great opportunity to reward successful SEO strategies.

The process uses long trail keywords in looking for questions, phrases and expressions rather than specific keywords.  Tone of voice is also used to match the user’s intention in assisting to access new data.

User Experience

Delivering a good user experience increases the engagement of the page and helps favour a site over competitors in Google ranking.  User experience targets group decisions in influencing industry trends and design preferences.

Readability Score

Helps boost SEO in providing engaging content favourable to the user’s needs of relevant and easy to read content. The presentation of information through the display of tables, for example, helps make information easier to extract.

Rise of visual search

Current search engines analyse more than just text and are now supported with visual content to explore new search methods. Rich visuals create more engaging content and provide competitive market rankings, following the growth of social media through likes and shares.

Furthermore, the use of featured SEO strategies can often provide better results to organic rankings; PPC, voice search and local SEO.  Keeping up to date with trends is useful in discovering improved strategies to maintain a successful SEO plan.

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