Does your website need a facelift?

Wondering whether to work with a web design company or brave it yourself?

Tigerfish is a team of digital marketing and web-design specialists who build outstanding, aesthetically pleasing websites. We work with you to optimise your website and ensure your online presence is a principal factor in your business’ success.

Still not convinced?

Allow us to explain the benefits of working with a web-design company, such as Tigerfish, rather than going it alone!

High Quality Web Design

No matter how simple they claim to be, ‘downloadable web design templates’ can confuse even the sharpest of minds!

To be a strong website it will require codes, headers, images and plugins – which you might not understand if you have not been professionally trained.

By working with a web design company, you will be employing a specialist who will build a high-tech website which works flawlessly across all platforms. Their expertise and experience will take away the stress of trying to understand any confusing jargon!

Online Strategy

In today’s digital marketplace, the development and maintenance of your brand’s online profile is crucial – it should be at the core of all marketing strategies.

Web agencies understand the importance of a business’s online presence and will therefore lay out a strategic online plan for your company. A web-designer should have a solid knowledge of today’s digital market, they should clarify the specific goals your website should achieve and work with you to meet them.

SEO services

It is optimistic to assume all traffic on your website will come from people typing your site address directly into their web bar.

The chances are prospective customers will search for relevant key words into a search engine (e.g. Google) and click on the first page that comes up – but what if your site doesn’t appear until the second page?

This is when Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in.

SEO specialists know how to promote your site, making it more likely you will be in the top-ranked pages and therefore bringing in more new customers!

Tigerfish can help you harness as much traffic to your site as possible, enticing your audience to engage with a sign up, a landing page offer, product purchase, or any other call to action. All these activities contribute to improving your Search Engine Ranking as part of the SEO programme Tigerfish offer.

Continual guidance

Even if you can build a successful website yourself, what is something goes wrong in the future? Do you feel confident with fixing it?

Web agencies such as Tigerfish work with clients on a long-term basis to ensure the website produces the desired results. Clients are supported and guided once the project is complete, guaranteeing safety in the increasingly complex digital marketplace. This involves promotion using SEO, social media, PPC, social promotions, advertising and email marketing.

Responsive web design

It is crucial that your website runs flawlessly on all platforms including mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Web agencies will first lay the foundations for your solid, responsive website and will then work with you to make it impeccable across all operating systems.

Keeping up with the times

It’s a web designers’ job to stay ahead of the game in the increasingly complex digital marketplace.

By employing a specialist, you will never have to worry about the latest web technologies and trends – that will all be taken care of!


Not only will time be saved by having someone design and build your site, by employing a professional, your new website will make your life run smoother.

The site will be designed to be practical and convenient, whether you require appointment booking forms, contact forms or quoting systems.

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