Typography is the design of text.

When building a website, typography is a central part of usability. Having a clear font is essential to get your message across and make the browsing experience as straightforward as possible for clients. An effective font will combine optimum use of graphic design, accessibility and readability. Having a font that represents your brand is essential in building consumer confidence. If you are a beginner to Web-Design, the three fonts Tigerfish would recommend are:

  • Archivo Narrow
  • Ostrich Sans
  • GT Walsheim

Trends including Brutalism and Minimalism can be used for emotional effect.
Brutalism is a technique which traditionally uses dark backgrounds and code visualisations using monospaced typography, a single font throughout the design. Whereas Minimalism uses negative white space alongside streamlined navigation to incorporate video, animation and photograph, normally with a black and white colour scheme.

The separation of titles and sections is important to develop a good user experience. A page design with section breaks between paragraphs helps improve reading and user experience through a sophisticated design.

There is no right or wrong as long as the design of content is suitable for your readers to follow.

At Tigerfish we work closely with clients to incorporate all design needs and requirements. By taking the time to understand our audience we can make the changes required to best suit the needs of your client.

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