5 Social Media Mistakes

Social Media can create an amazing buzz for a company. But as with everything knowledge is power and if mistakes are made it can be detrimental to a company’s reputation. So we’ve got some top tips to help you avoid those all to common mistakes…

  1. Create a balance.

Social media is all about engaging and conversing with customers in a meaningful way. Overwhelming them with offer after offer can create a loss of interest!

  1. Responding to all comments.

Many companies just focus on responding to negative comments but a customer’s positive review is just as important. Thus reflecting that you care about your customers despite what they have to say about you. If negative, you may be able to swing the odds in your favour!

  1. Don’t buy your love.

Buying followers doesn’t help you! Your stats might look good but very little of these ‘followers’ will engage or spread the word about your company!

  1. Allocate time.

By allocating a time slot within your day to review and post to social media it will ensure that you’re keeping on top of your profiles. After all, there is no point having social media if you don’t pay it enough attention.

And finally proof reading. It’s better to be safe than sorry!