Now over half way through a course of Lisa Cartlidge Hypnotherapy, I felt it appropriate to consolidate what I have taken from the sessions so far.


Lisa is a fully-qualified, highly-trained hypnotherapist based in the Cotswolds. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide variety of psychological and physical health problems.

Although everyone’s experiences of hypnotherapy are individual and unique, the positive change I have noticed in myself is possible for anyone. If this blog inspires one person who is struggling to take a leap of faith with Lisa, then it will be worth writing.


Talking about past experiences won’t change them.


As discussed in my previous blog, Hypnotherapy has taught me to not dwell on the past.

“You can’t change your past, but you can always change your future.”

Time spent trying to pinpoint the life event which lead you to feel or act in a certain way is often painful, distressing and purposeless. To acknowledge the ‘root’ of an issue can be beneficial in some cases, but it should not be dwelled on.


Try not to dwell on the label of an issue.


This experience has taught me to focus less on the title of a health issue. By dwelling on labels such as ‘anxiety’, ‘depression’ or ‘OCD’ you often restrict your understanding, ignoring the countless links between many mental and physical health problems.

“Turn you Can’ts into Cans, and Dreams into Plans”

Although titles serve a medical purpose, I am unsure as to how helpful they are in improving your outlook on life. Try to not become bogged down on the label, focus on your preferred future and how you want to be.


Life is all about perspective.


Lisa often talks about this idea and I initially struggled to appreciate what she meant.

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination”

There is nothing external in my life that has significantly changed since I began the Hypnotherapy course, yet I am feeling far more positive and content. The difference? My perspective.


A positive mind leads to a positive life.


To follow on from the previous point, a positive perspective will always result in a more positive life.

“Think positive and positive things will happen”

There are two ways of approaching every situation in life. To tackle something negatively is to assume the worst and prepare yourself for an undesirable outcome, often leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety. Alternatively, approach a situation optimistically – it costs nothing and will only result in a more positive result.


Gentle approaches to health problems can be just as powerful.


This is arguably the most valuable lesson I have learned from visiting Lisa. Traditional methods can help in some cases, but often those methods mask an issue.

“Imagine – Believe – Achieve”

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy alters the way the mind processes thoughts, giving you control in a healthy, natural way. This is not an attack on medication or mainstream therapy in any way, just a confirmation of the effectiveness of more gentle alternatives.



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