Emojis – What are they? Why do we use them? How are they useful?

Emojis (or ‘Smileys’) are ideograms used in electronic messages and websites. The term ‘Emoji’ originated from Japan in 1999, when a picture character was produced as a form of communication by Shigetaka Kurita.  Originally the images were introduced as a visual representation of an emotion, but you can now find emojis of pretty much every object and symbol imaginable.

They say an image can speak a thousand words – an emoji is a perfect example of this! In today’s Digital Marketplace, emojis are often used in to keep content light-hearted and informal. Emojis are used to help portray a form of emotion, helping with cross language barriers and improving communication to engage an audience.  The images are a brilliant tool for brightening up your business’ social media content and building a more friendly and approachable online presence.

It might seem trivial, but understanding the meanings behind emojis is a useful skill to avoid misinterpretation and miscommunication between you and clients.

Don’t panic – our Emoji Dictionary is here to decode every ‘Smiley’ that comes your way!

Here are the Top 15 of the most used emojis in August 2017:

  1. 😂 – Face with Tears of Joy

Used when conveying the emotion of laughter.

  1. 😘 – Face Blowing a Kiss

Used to show affection.  Otherwise they can be used to show innocent whistling.

  1. 😍 – Smiling Face with Heart-Shaped Eyes

Used to show an expression on love.

  1. ☺️ – Smiling Face

Used to display a happy emotion

  1. 😄 – Grinning Face with Squinting Eyes

Used to personify an over excited emotion, emphasised by the display of teeth

  1. 😭 – Loudly Crying Face

Used to present a distraught and inconsolable emotion

  1. 💕 – Two Hearts

Used to display a love for something

  1. 👌 – OK Hand Sign

Used to represent yes, that’s good/correct and I’m OK

  1. 👍 – Thumbs Up

Used to indicate approval

  1. 🙌 – Hands Raised in Celebration

Used to celebrate success or another joyous event

  1. ✨ – Sparkles

Used to decorate and represent new and sleek ideas

  1. 👏 – Clapping Hands

Used to illustrate excitement and a round of applause

  1. 😩 – Weary Face

Used to demonstrate disappointment and frustration

  1. 💪 – Flexed Bicep

Used to represent strength and resilience

  1. 😉 – Winking Face

Used to imply humour in a written form.  Messages accompanied with a winky face, should not be taken too seriously.

Caution: try to not overuse emojis. Depending on your target market, the use of ‘Smileys’ can make your brand seem unsophisticated. Keeping client content professional is essential in building contacts and inevitability successful sales. An awareness of your online profile is crucial.

Judging the situation of when to use this form of communication is essential!

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