You’ve probably noticed that there’s something a little different about Instagram recently! A pesky but delightful new button has appeared for us to use and abuse to our hearts content. We’re pretty excited about this new feature as we’ve been yearning over having a ‘save’ button instead of opting for the ‘screenshot’. Instagram’s sparkly new feature totally eliminates this hassle – wahey!

It works like any other bookmark button – to save posts worthy of your full attention in a fun offline gallery. They can be admired from a private tab in your profile, and as expected can be removed as easily as they were added.

What you add is totally up to you but we won’t judge you if it’s full of avocado’s and cuddly cats (ours is too).

This is only one of the many exciting changes Instagram have made in the past year. First came the feature ‘stories’ – a live photo slideshow that disappears out of sight after 24 hours. Last month they also introduced a Snapchat inspired messaging which users can utilise by ‘swiping right’ on the home screen to beam photos and videos to friends. In addition, Instagram also added a live-stream feature that lets users broadcast real-time video to followers.

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled to see what treats Instagram has in store for 2017!

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