5 Tips to Promote your Social Media Profiles

Finnick Creative is a team of specialists who live and breathe social media.

The impact social media marketing has on an organisation’s success is becoming more and more significant. We make sure your content and social interaction builds your brand’s loyalty, awareness and recognition. Whether you’d like to be post-perfect on Facebook, snap-happy on Instagram or tweet away on Twitter, we’re here to help you!

Keep reading for our top 5 tips to promote your company’s social media profiles and consequently gain followers!

Cross-reference between multiple social channels

Gone are the days when your business only had a Facebook page – the sharing of content on multiple channels such as Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, is now strongly encouraged .

Although some keen beans may follow more than one of your accounts, the chances are you have some differing followers on each social platform. By cross-referencing each channel, for example sharing your Facebook post onto your Twitter page, you expose it to even more people and spread your message even further!

Add your social profiles to your email signature

Simple – yet genius!

By putting your social media URL in your email signature, every person you email is given the chance to follow you. You’d be surprised how many more followers this could give your accounts – give it a go!

Going back to basics

Don’t restrict yourself by only promoting in the digital marketplace – sometimes the more traditional marketing methods are just as effective!

Get creative – advertise your social media URL on a car bumper sticker, a business card or even a window sticker in the office.

Blog, blog and blog!

A blog about your social media channels is an excellent way to gain followers.

By giving the readers incentives (e.g. special offers, sneak peeks) you will make it almost impossible for them to not give you a follow!


Hashtags are an excellent way to gain followers as they attract likeminded people and potential clients. The purpose of the hashtag is discovery – to connect those having the same conversations.

Keep an eye out for ‘hashtag trends’ and get tagging – thank us later!


Follow these top tips and you’ll be ‘insta-famous’ in no time – don’t forget us when you’re a big shot!





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