After my last experience at The Stuart Holmes Salon it’s been hard not to think about when I could schedule in my next appointment.

Since visiting just a few months ago with Rachel and Jade my hair has felt simply fantastic. It was an experience like no other! Rachel and Jade were helpful in answering my what felt like ‘amateur’ questions, but I found myself very interested in the way simple tips and day to day up keep can keep your hair in top condition. Simple things such as the way I tie my hair up, which products  and which shampoo I should be using have made my hair feel so much thicker and healthier.

Initially I was hesitant to go blond. Previously having mousy brown hair I struggled to ignore the looks and comments of disapproval when I mentioned to friends and family about the possibility of going light. I had heard the horror stories of hair going brittle, dry, snapping off and even going green! But since my last appointment, if anything, my hair has improved in health!

I feel like it is common knowledge when you walk into most salons that treatments are highly recommended on coloured hair, so I began my research…

My hair was formerly mousy brown, curly and quite frankly annoying. Since my last couple of Stuart Holmes appointments it had gradually got lighter, stronger but what I would still call ‘unruly’ – this is coming from a girl who blasts her wavy hair with heat everyday in order to get ready as soon as possible for work every morning!

I had started to feel that this couldn’t be doing any benefit to my hair at all. So I looked into moisturising, heat protecting treatments – basically anything that would maintain the new strength of my hair! This is when I stumbled across the Stuart Holmes ‘Onix Everlasting Blowdry’ treatment. I enquired about this ‘ Treatment for unruly, brittle hair’. It was the perfect treatment!

I was greeted last Saturday morning by the ever happy and glamourous Stuart Holmes Receptionists and Reservationists. Guided to my seat in the overflow salon I was confused as to why I was sat on my own. Jade sat with me, spoke through the treatment to which there are a few phases and explained that I was only sat up here due to the steam that would be produced from the treatment. I was intrigued…

We began with a simple shampoo, I came back to my seat greeted with my complimentary drink dusted with the Stuart Holmes logo (fantastic touch). I sat back, relaxed and watched Jade apply the Keratin treatment. Brushing it onto my scalp, through to the ends, she explained that this would coat my hair, and it would be left for a short while and then sealed.It was the sealing that would produce the steam. The Keratin treatment was blow-dried into my hair, and then sealed again with the straighteners while at the same time producing an alarming amount of ‘smoky’ steam. I did admit to Jade that nothing about straightening my hair with the treatment on and producing that amount of steam seemed right… but at the same time she reassured me that in no way was it damaging my hair. And believe it or not, it didn’t feel like it was. Whilst doing this Jade told me that it would probably be wise to by a non-sulphate shampoo to wash my hair with. This would make the treatment last longer and run its cause of 4 to 6 months. She instantly recommended shampoos in the salon that I could use and asked about which products I use currently.

Once sealed the treatment was left again for a short time. It was then washed off, and Jade proceeded to dry my hair how ever I wished (wavy, because I can never do it myself). Jade told me that instantly I would be able to notice how soft and more manageable my hair would be, and she was right. Normally blowdrying my hair is a nightmare!

Admittedly I felt bad for Jade at my last appointment having to go back over my hair again and again due to little ‘antenna’ and curls popping out here there and everywhere. This time, I could tell instantly how easy it was. She calmly and easily dried my hair in a very short amount of time, no frizz or annoying kinks to be seen! She then used the irons to add my waves – which admittedly did not last too long due to me running my hands through my newly soft and conditioned hair. I once again left the salon feeling fantastic.  A true Stuart Holmes experience!

I was nervous to wash and dry my air in the coming days but I had nothing to worry about. Drying it both with a hair dryer and naturally leaves my hair frizz free and manageable. I barely need to touch my hair with the straightening irons! Everlasting blow-dry it is. Definitely worth it!

Thank you Jade and Team Holmes for having me!