It’s that time of year again… the Black Friday sales are looming. Are you beginning to get into a nervous sweat about it? Well don’t worry! We’ve come up with some top tips for your survival!

What is Black Friday? Well… it is know for being the day when retailers make profit and ‘get in the black’. It is notoriously renowned for the frustrating lines and limited discount merchandise! Despite this, it is highly anticipated because of the amazing bargains and low prices. Have a read of our top survival tips here…

  1. Know what you want before going out. Make a list of what you want – this makes it easier to know what you’re looking for and for what you really desire. It will stop you buying things for the sake of it!
  2. Plan your shopping attack. You have to tactically plan your route – some hours of the day are better than others. Sometimes, earlier is better. The very dedicated may even camp out!
  3. Think laterally. You may not find what you want so think about what else you may be able to get instead. The chances are quite high that you won’t be able to get what you want. Especially with popular items.
  4. Take what you need with you. Try not to forget obvious things – bring your phone, discounts, coupons and your lists!
  5. Take refreshments. It may sound silly but don’t forget to take drinks and snacks – energy levels need to be maintained! You don’t want to miss a good deal because you’ve fainted. You need to be a strong team and unit to survive!
  6. Plan breaks. Make sure you allow yourself some de-stress time. Don’t make Black Friday a moody Friday that you never want to do again. Make sure you regain your sense of humour before hitting the crowds again.
  7. Stay calm. You’ve got everything planned. Don’t get stressed out otherwise you won’t enjoy it. It isn’t the end of the world – it’s only a sale after all.
  8. It’s online too! If you don’t have the energy or the patience why not check out what is happening online? You may not even need to step out of your door or leave the comfort of your sofa! Save yourself time and hassle.
  9. Hit the shops! Go for it! You’re ready. Stay calm and stay happy!