Having a successful Facebook page for your business is essential in today’s social age. Social media platforms are home to the biggest worldwide network of people.

Here are our ‘Top Ten Tips’ to help get your page noticed…

  1. Profile Picture – Use a recognisable company logo as your profile picture. Don’t change this too frequently as it can cause confusion.
  1. Cover Photo – Your cover photo should be an image that represents your company – keep it simple but effective.
  1. Like, Share & Comment – Doing this on behalf of your page creates conversation with people and is a great way to make your page visible whilst showing interest in others.
  1. Check Your Notifications – If you don’t check your notifications you could be missing out on sales. If you don’t respond promptly to questions or even not at all it could ultimately lose you custom and bad feedback.
  1. Post Relevant Articles – It’s very important to be seen as a leader in your industry, so posting relevant sector news is a great way to show that you’re up to date and informed!
  1. Use Visuals – Video and pictures receive 50% more engagement than pages without them. Looking at visuals catches your attention whilst also making your newsfeed more exciting and aesthetically pleasing!
  1. Share Your Blogs – If you’re a keen blogger, it’s a great idea to share this on your business page! Offering your knowledge and opinions on current topics helps increase visits to your site with the possibility of sales.
  1. Updating Your Status – 85% of Facebook users expect businesses to be using social media to communicate. Updating your status regularly about what you’ve been working on is a great way to gain attention.
  1. Using The ‘@’ Sign – If you’re writing a post about a customer or business make sure you tag them with the ‘@’ so they get notified of your mention. This is important because you want them to engage with your post.
  1. Use Facebook Features – Make use of all Facebook features to aid increased engagement. You can do this by pinning posts; promoting posts, boosting posts and scheduling posts. There are so many options for you to use to utilise!

If you’re still mind boggled let us know and we’ll lend you a hand! You can contact Becky our social media wizard on…