Top Eight Tips for Instagram Business

With Instagram releasing Instagram business pages recently companies have been flocking in the masses to the platform. To help you get noticed we’ve created our ‘Top Eight Tips’…

  1. Optimize Your Profile – complete your profile with a clear username, description and website.
  1. Utilise Contact Button – This will encourage customers and potential customers to easily get in contact with you whilst encouraging sales from ease of use.
  1. Balance Images – Mix fun images with pictures from your business. Your page should tell a story through your images. You can show your company’s personality by showing other interests such as office life, charity work and other businesses you may be interacting with.
  1. Cultivate A Following – Make sure you use popular and relevant hash tags. Ensure that you’re engaging with others by following and favouriting photos. This helps people who don’t know you – get to know you!
  1. A Flexible Posting Plan – Generating a plan helps you decide what you want to post whilst schedules help you track what you’ve published.
  1. Market Your Brand Using Trends. – Instagrammers can use a number of trending hashtags to join in a bigger part of the visual community. So find a trending hashtag that is relevant to your marketing strategy and participate with images from your brand. Not only this but use industry related hashtags too.
  1. Quantify and Qualify – Find out how your brand is doing on Instagram. Use analytics tools to identify images and videos that resonate with your fans and followers.
  1. Don’t over post! You don’t want to saturate your followers’ feeds, as Instagram is relaxed in its approach.

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