What are Twitter Moments?

According to a tweet from the company’s official handle, creators everywhere can now tell stories with tweets. Moments are curated stories showing the best of what’s happening on twitter. It enables users to stitch together multiple tweets into slideshow-like stories.

When initially launched, moments were intended to help Twitter users keep up with what the world was talking about at any given time.

Moments were first released in October 2015, with Twitter and selected partners able to curate stories on a range of topics, including News, sport and Entertainment. Twitter then, in august 2016, opened up moments to a broader group of influencers before bringing out the public release on September 28th. This new format will give people a new way to tell their stories.

How it works:

For now it looks like Twitter Moments can only be created on desktop. With the extra tab popping up next to your follower and like totals.

The idea is that you can group together conversations about a certain topic. Use a strong cover picture because this will draw attention from your audience! You can select tweets that you’ve liked, from the accounts you follow and also search for hash tags that you might find of interest.

For example, if you host a yearly event and have an associated hash tag you use, you can feature this on your moments to show different aspects of your event.

Twitter moments can also be embedded on webpages.